About E and I Design

You probably already got that we are a creative agency. We provide design services for digital media and print, from logos to tradeshow booths. There are plenty of good designers out there, but you'd be hard pressed to find a group as dedicated to upholding your brand as well as your budgets and deadlines. We are problem solvers at our core, and we've been helping our clients grow their sales and their brands for over 25 years. If you're looking to leap over tall orders in a single bound, give us a shout.

Meet the Principals


Co-founder and Aspiring Professional Soccer Player


Co-founder and Former Country Western Crooner

Erin won her first poster design contest at age 8. It was for the local library and the prize was a coupon book of McDonald's french fries. She was motivatedAF.  She barely made it through college with a BS in Graphic Design, only getting good grades in art and design classes because seriously, when would she ever need to reference the Pythagorean Theorem? Erin launched a design firm at the mature age of 23 and has been movin' and shakin' ever since. When she's not "tweaking type" you can find her on a hiking trail or a golf course.

Ilene was born with a flair for all things creative. Eventually crayons gave way to cameras and she began focusing on photography. Though she enjoyed the photographic arts, along the way a different picture flashed before her. Ilene decided to study graphic design at San Jose State University. She made a friend in Erin and together they made a thriving business. When Ilene isn't working, she's on the soccer field or walking her dog.

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